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New Cafe Gallery in Glouestershire looking for pottery

posted 13 Aug 2012, 06:51 by Bill Crumbleholme
We have been approached by Jules Cross who is seeking a potter! Here is her message :-
I have been given your contact by Katherine Bryan-Merrett. I'm working on a project with a cafe (could become a restaurant) in Gloucestershire, we are going to be creating a space that is like a showroom, that will showcase peoples work, for sale.
What we are currently looking for is a potter that is interested in working with us, we would either be interested in buying product at wholesale price, or looking at coming to an arrangement of advertising and selling that potters work through the venue and therefore getting the product at a very low price.
It is an exciting project and we are looking for slightly modern well deigned (totally functional) pieces.
Please could you let me know, if you know anyone who might be interested and fits that brief. It would be great to get contact details, or website links.

Thanks so much for your time,
Jules Cross