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Ceramic Tours to China & Japan

posted 8 Jan 2014, 09:05 by Bill Crumbleholme

We have been asked to promote tours to China and Japan aimed at ceramic enthusiasts :-

My name is Gary Toshack, I am mailing you with some information about 2 Ceramic Study tours I am organising.

1.       China ceramic Study tour. This tour is in co-operation with the San Bao Ceramic Institute. The tour should be seen as a study tour rather than a cultural highlights tour. More information you can find here via our website: the tour itinerary you can find in the attachment.

2.       Explore Japanese Ceramics. This tour is in co-operation with an American gentleman called Robert Yellin a foremost expert on Japanese ceramics who has lived in Kyoto for over 20 years. More information you can find here via our website: the tour itinerary you can also find in the attachment.

The reason I mail you is to see if it is at all possible to bring attention to these two tours within your network of ceramicists within the Dorset Pottery Group. In my opinion both tours would be of interest to those who would like to learn more about each countries take on ceramics (past and present) and as you can see both tours are developed with integrity focussing on the subject of ceramics and leady by prominent artisits in each country.

For example would it be possible to get a listing on your News page via the website?  Would it be at all possible to post some flyers that could be distributed within your network at a next meeting for example?

I’m more than happy to propose a discounted rate on both tour(s) for all Dorset Pottery Group members of course.

I look forward to your response and should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Gary Toshack
Business Development Manager

Lombard Business Park
8 Lombard Road
London SW19 3TZ
Tel: 0208 543 8133