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Beaminster's Big Day - 7th July 2013

posted 23 Jan 2013, 07:30 by Bill Crumbleholme
Members have been invited to take a stall at this festival, no fees, but a 20% commission is suggested.

As the finale of Beaminster Festival, the aim of Beaminster’s Big Day is to bring together the whole community in a fun entertaining day. The last event in 2011 was a great success – it attracted 1,000 visitors and we are hoping that many more will come this year.

The event starts at 11:30 in Beaminster Square. There is then a parade from the Square to Beaminster Secondary school where the main event takes place from 12:00 to 15:00 in the school halls and the playing field.

A key feature of the parade will be large carnival costumes with the theme of “bugs”. The young people of Beaminster area are making large dragonflies, caterpillars, a giant spider, ladybirds, butterflies, and these will be a core element of the parade supported by a kazoo marching band!

At the school, Teddy Bears will parachute from the Fire Brigade’s high platform and there will be top quality street theatre plus lots of music, dance, and other entertainment. There will be food and drink for sale and visitors are welcome to bring picnics.

The aim is to provide everyone with a lovely day, and to help stimulate the local economy. A programme will be distributed to every home in Beaminster and to key locations in the surrounding villages. Entry to the event is free.

Local organisations are encouraged to take a stall at the event to promote themselves and to generate income. There is no fee for a stall but if stallholders generate revenue then we do invite a donation towards the cost of making Beaminster’s Big Day happen. The guideline donation is 20% of gross profit (i.e. revenue minus direct costs). Stallholders need to bring their own table etc.