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Laurence Eastwood Lemon Squeezer

Laurence Eastwood, from Upwey, enjoys making slightly quirky pieces, especially with a functional use.
One of his standard production items is the lemon squeezer, a neat device for getting juice from citrus fruits.
The following images show the stages of throwing and adding features to the form.

Laurence Eastwood lemon squeezer throwing 1
After centering the lump of clay, I make a hole as usual for the central cone, this hole goes all the way through to the wheelhead, then I form a groove around that hole and throw the cone up. Then I make another groove and then throw both the inner and outside walls, trimming their height if necessary.

Laurence Eastwood lemon squeezer throwing 2
I then close over the top of the central cone to make the part that the fruit is squeezed against. I pull a lip on the outside wall, where the juice will flow from when poured out. I score flutes down the cone to give ridges that help extract the juice as the fruit is rotated. Then I drill small holes through the inner wall to allow the juice to run out, but keep back the pips and pith.
Finally I cut the pot from the wheel and allow it to dry, then I turn the base and tidy up the inside of the cone.
Laurence Eastwood Lemon Squeezer