Rachel Newham

Rachel Newham




I returned to full time education, as a mature student, and gained a 1st class honours degree in Contemporary Crafts from University College Falmouth in 2009.

Whilst at university I developed my skills in creating mixed media sculpture specialising in Glass and Ceramics and since then I have worked as a teacher, a researcher and as the Technical Instructor for Glass at University College Falmouth.

In 2012 I moved from Cornwall to the remarkable county of Dorset. I set up my own workshop and now live and work on Portland.

My small-scale, figurative sculptures use a variety of media including ceramics, glass, pewter and concrete.

The winged figure is traditionally associated with universal archetypes and represents the human struggle with corporeal existence. I often use this imagery to reflect the restrictions we face as individuals - whether they be through education, parental control, social constraints or our own 
personal inhibitions.

We are all at the mercy of our pasts; personal, ancestral and universal as well as the social constructs that influence the paths we take and choices we make.